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    Energy markets have had major impact on nations and people throughout history. There are different categories of commodities, all supported by the same basic economic principles: lower supply equals higher prices. With GLOBALINVEST you can trade up to 3 Energy CFDs on very favourable terms.

    The energy markets are full of opportunity and GLOBALINVEST has the tools you need to tap into it: the most extensive and liquid energy marketplace, an unrivaled product suite, a commitment to our customers that no other exchange can match, and flexible market access.

    • Light Sweet Crude Oil Future:

      Often traders who trade oil products find WTI (West Texas Intermediate) one of the most popular. WTI crude oil is a US domestic crude oil based on the Nymex’s Light Sweet Crude contract. It has a lower sulphur content than Brent making it a slightly better quality fuel.

      Crude oil is quoted in $/¢ per barrel with a standard contract size of 1000 barrels per one standard lot. The minimum price movement for WTI crude oil is USD 0.01 (1 ‘tick’ or ‘point’). Therefore the smallest tick value is ten dollars per one standard lot. E.g. $78.45 – $78.46 = $0.01 ($0.01 * 1000 = $10.

    • Brent Crude Oil Future:

      Brent Crude oil is also popular with individuals who trade oil products. It is the benchmark for Europe and OPEC pricing. The minimum price movement is USD 0.01 (1 ‘tick’ or ‘point’). Therefore the smallest tick value is ten dollars. E.g. 78.45 – 78.46 = $0.01 therefore (0.01 USD * 1000 = $10).

      Our Brent Contract is a CFD. It is based on an Exchange Futures Contract that will expire. A crude oil trading position held with GLOBALINVEST will NOT expire but will be rolled into the next month.

    • E-Mini Natural Gas Henry Hub Future:

      An OTC E-Mini Natural Gas Henry Hub Future contract is a contract between a buyer and a seller that offers opportunities for risk management of the highly volatile pricing of natural gas. Energy prices can often be subject to dramatic price movements so setting stop-losses and take-profits on the MetaTrader 4 is very important.

      The minimum price movement is USD 0.01 (1 ‘tick’ or ‘point’). Therefore the smallest tick value is ten dollars per standard lot. E.g. $78.45 – $78.46 = $0.01 ($0.01 * 1000 = $10).


    You could argue that the world runs on oil. The U.S. alone consumes nearly 20 million barrels a day, an astounding number, when you consider that the average barrel can run 40 cars. Global demand for oil is strong, and as an investment, speculators buy and sell based on their opinions of the fluctuation in the market, whether do to pipeline initiatives, reserve supplies and even war.

    Crude oil occurs naturally in underground rock formations. Extraction can be complicated and occurs both on and off shore. Crude oil needs to be refined for petroleum products like gasoline. Depending on the source, crude is labeled by its viscosity (light and heavy), and sulfur content (sweet or sour). Popular crude oil deliverable grades are West Texas Intermediate, U.K. Brent, Norwegian Oseberg Blend and others.