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    OTC Index futures trading offers the opportunity for you as an GLOBALINVEST client to invest in a large division of a national market or an entire market itself and trade the broad movement of a country’s share market index. Index trading is not based on one share but on the broader market move therefore traders often enjoy this more than trading individual stocks. With the indices we have at GLOBALINVEST you can trade stocks of over 600 different companies spread around the world.

    Indices will move up or down depending on investors’ reactions to news updates concerning company financial reporting or economic announcements. Political decisions can also play a big role in stock indices moving higher or lower. We quote prices on the most popular index futures 24 hours a day; see below for OTC Index futures GLOBALINVEST offers.


    Trade indices across the world commission free with the clarity of true pricing. Know what you’re paying, get 24/5 support if you need it and take confidence from a broker who is on your side.

    • All above instruments are on market execution
    • All times are based on GLOBALINVEST Server time
    • Subject to change without prior notice
    • No commission charged for all above products


    CFD stands for ‘Contract For Difference.’ It is a financial derivative typically described as a contract between two parties the Investor and the CFD provider. You can trade on margin and it doesn’t require the buying or selling of any of the underlying assets. It also allows the investors to make speculations and take advantage of rising or falling markets.

    • No extra fees or commissions
      Enjoy tight spreads and take short positions if you think the market will fall with no extra fees or commissions.
    • Low margins
      Trade with confidence with low margin rates from 1%
    • One account
      Trade the most popular indices from one account.