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spot gold

Learn more about precious metals: Gold

At GLOBALINVEST, Gold is quoted in $/¢ and Euro per troy ounce and has a contract size of 100 ounces per standard lot.

The minimum price movement is USD 0.01, also referred to as a point or tick. Therefore the smallest tick value is one dollar.

E.g. $1150.21 – $1150.20 = $0.01 ($0.01 * 100 = $1 per standard lot).

Of all the precious metals, Gold is the most popular as an investment. Investors who trade gold online generally buy gold as a hedge or safe haven against any economic, political, social or currency-based crises. Investors also buy gold and take part in gold trading during times of a bull market in an attempt to gain financially.

Gold has inherently been linked to foreign exchange for many years, due mainly to the Gold Standard and Bretton Woods agreement of 1944 which linked all of the major currencies together up until 1971. Although there is no fixed link between gold and currencies in the modern day marketplace there are still strong parallels.

spot silver

Learn more about precious metals: Silver

When talking about silver trading it is quoted in $/¢ or Euro per troy ounce with a standard contract size of 5000 ounces per one standard lot. The minimum price movement is 0.01 dollars, also referred to as a point or tick. Therefore the smallest tick value is fifty dollars.

E.g. $18.00 – $18.01 = $0.01 ($0.01 * 5000 = $50).

Silver, like its precious counterpart gold, is readily used as an investment tool and economic indicator with investors who trade silver online. Unlike gold, when trading silver it is traded as an industrial commodity and as a result of this can lose its strong positive correlation providing the market place with added trading potential.


  • All times are based on GLOBALINVEST Server time
  • Min and Max Lots per trade: 01 lots – 50 lots
  • Direct account requires no minimum limits/stops required to enter the market
  • Margins and margin tiers may vary should market conditions change.
  • Overnight financing is charged at 0.0000% admin fee per day and will be charged for each position open at 22:00 each day. Any position open on 22:00 on
  • Wednesday will incur three days’ charge as opposed to one.
  • The guaranteed Stop premium is charged in pips to the account on opening of the position.
  • Spreads may vary dependent on size of order being placed, time of day and liquidity of underlying market.